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: Introduction

Founded in November 2003 as a private insurance company
Writing life & non-Life business
One of the largest private insurance companies with total capital of $90,000,000
Active in all lines of outward and inward Reinsurance market since 2005
The 1st and the only private insurance company in Iran with foreign inward reinsurance authorization from regulatory authority (Central Insurance of Iran) since 2015 to participate in foreign business
Consumers Rights Certificate holder from Iran’s National Consumers and Producers Protection Organization
 The 1st Electronic insurance company in Iran
Being ranked 1st level based on our national financial solvency system
 Client service capabilities across the country includes; more than 800 Agencies, four branch offices and about 350 full time employees
 Listed on Tehran stock exchange
 With over $ 348,000,000 in Assets and $ 95,000,000 in Revenues

:Major activities

Performing life and non-life insurance operations

 Providing risk management solutions for our clients

 Providing reinsurance coverage (Inward and Outward reinsurance)

:Major Clients

 Milad Tower Co
Behran Oil Refinery
 Bank Sepah
 The Railways of Islamic Republic of Iran
Aseman Airline

Major Paid Losses

 Arian Mahtab Gostar (Roudshour):   EUR 3,184,522
 Bouali Sina Petrochemical Co.:         EUR 4,700,000

:Main Strategies of Mellat Insurance Company

 Expansion, entrepreneurship, productivity and integrity of systems
Innovation in delivering services
 Exploitation of information technology, e-commerce and introduction of e-insurance
 Strategic investment in long-term and high return industries to maximize our customers and shareholders’ interests
 Close Co-operation with domestic and international insurance and reinsurance companies
Creating economic value added for all beneficiaries

:Mellat Insurance Company in Tehran Stock Exchange

Initial public offering: July 9th 2012
 Sector: Insurance and retirement pension funds
 Free float share: 5%

Line of Business
Mellat Insurance Company, as one of the largest Iranian private insurance companies in the market, offers a diverse portfolio of life & non-life products and services to corporations and individual clients and plays the leading role in the private insurance sector. We have a considerable market share locally, based on the gross written premium
:Mellat Insurance offered business lines are as follow

Direct Insurance
Non- Life Business


         Oil & Energy


      Aviation and Marine Hull and P&I

       Marine Cargo



      Motor Vehicle property damage

        Motor TPL


 Life Business

       Term life

       Universal life


       Facultative in all classes

       Domestic Treaty

Mellat Online
Our website (www.melat.ir) is an online service available for public awareness of our risk management products. Moreover some products can be purchased or renewed on-line by our clients
It is also a practical tool to use for personalized internal and co-relation with sales network as well as a management tool for team collaboration, communication and information. Indeed, it is a digital window which connects various offices and our team with each other for centralized resources and a doorway that promotes teamwork, improves workflow and helps our organization to retain a .correct vision without losing sight of details